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Product Name : You Design It--Create Your Own Ring
Product Code : custom
Quantity :
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Price : $500.00
Name : (+$29)
If you want to change to your name and number on the shank, please write your name and number to the blank, then click "add to bag", if not, click "add to bag" directly.

Custom Ring Design:

Didn't find any rings you want? Here you are a Designer to Create YOUR OWN Ring!Customize Championship Ring For Team Winner in The Tournament is not a problem at all.

Visit our Custom Ring Design Gallery to see our work!

Custom Design Ring as easy as A,B,C...

1st Step:

You send us a sketch of your design (do not need to be perfect) or some pictures of the ring and specification to Please place the order here after design confirmed.

 2nd Step:

We send you the 3D design of your ring, and make any changes as your requires.

3rd Step:

You confirm the 3D design and then we will make the ring for you !

Custom Design Ring FAQ
1. Why the full custom ring starting at $500, not $199?
Each new design requires a mold to match your exact design specifications, we draw 3D design and then print the mockup by 3D printer, this part cost about $300 extra fee for the first ring of your design.
2. What if I need more than 1 ring of my design? Do you offer any discount?
The first ring is starting at $500, if you need more than 1 ring of your design, below is the discount price for the rest rings.


Although all our ring meet the highest standards of quality and workmanship, we always recommend you to order 1 ring first, this way you can see the turn out of the finished ring first, sometimes improvement work might be needed before quantity production.

3. How long does it take to process and receive a custom designed ring order?
Once you confirmed your order and we received your payment, we will start the process(draw 3D design, confirm the design with you, mold the ring with 3D printer etc.), you will receive the finished ring of your design within 40 days, the time depend on the complexity of your design.

If you are not satisfied with the 3D design, you will get full refund.

Custom Your Own Sports Champions Rings !

Custom Graduate Rings,Class Rings ,Team Rings,Family Rings,Signet Rings and Company Rings.

Just Imagine it !

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